Fringe Boots

What better day to receive the boots than on my birthday? (I am 26 today!) I´ve been mad about fringes for a while now and a pair of leather boots with fringes is one of the things I’ve been craving. Weeks of searching through eBay with no luck made me believe I would never find them. But one day I suddenly found the perfect pair from the seller Totalmodness (which seems to be a seller with an eye for vintage goodies by the way) and I ordered them immediately. I can happily declare that they fit perfectly and look even better in person. They don´t even seem to ever have been worn!


There are so many things I want yet too little money in my bank account. I am desperate for a pair of Ann Demeulemeester boots and there´s a pair of shoes on Zara that I also desperately want, that has still not come to Norway as far as I know. I need to save up for those things and buying little things here and there really doesn´t make it any better, except for being some sort of comfort while I wait. Today I stopped by Zara looking for the shoes I originally wanted and I noticed these heels on sale. Just one pair left and they were in my size. Now, I have a lot of shoes, a lot of black shoes too, but when it comes to actual wear, I usually opt for my stripper heels and I am getting a little fed up with wearing the same shoes all the time. So I grabbed the Zara heels before I got the time to change my mind. They weren´t expensive but in the long run it really does make a difference.

By the way, they came with an extra set of heel taps. It so rarely happens while I really think all shoes should come with an extra pair, especially stilettos as they wear down so fast.

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